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Private Engagement Emerald City, OZ Saturday, December 9

Serapis 40 Years

In the Summer of 1982, Tony Chambers (guitar, vocals), Gene Carroll (bass, vocals), Steve Snyder (drums), Rick Clifford (sax), Brian Casserly (trumpet, vocals) and Jim Gould (sound, trumpet) played their first gig as Serapis at The Festival of The Little Hills in St. Charles Missouri.We had no idea that the group would continue for more than 4 decades.Along the way, Serapis would include; Randy Desplinter (drums), Todd Luerding (keys and vocals) Mark Moebeck (guitar, vocals), Bob Gleason (drums), the late Gordon Bland (guitar, keys) and a long list of fabulous musicians that have helped out along the way. The band motto is, once a member of Serapis, always a member. (It’s kinda like a tattoo.)Serapis set up residency as the house band at Uncle Sam’s Plankhouse and then the Blarney Stone on Laclede’s Landing and performed at the legendary Mississippi Nights. We could be found at 20 North in Midtown on Monday nights or at Booe’s in St. Charles. Festivals, parties, wineries and hundreds of other performances have kept the band busy and tight. Serapis also does regional gigs from time to time in Kansas City, Chicago and Memphis. We are currently on a nearly 20 year regular weekend rotation at Tuner’s on Main, in St. Charles, and over 10 years at Cedar Lake Cellars in Wright City.There have been several studio and live recordings, including a session at RCA Studio B in Nashville. The band has also been recognized as an historical entity in the book, Legendary Locals of St. Charles.Never “Top 40” but always unique. Serapis plays a mix of musical genres that includes Rock, Reggae, Swing, Blues, Funk, Americana and Pop all stitched together with originals to give audiences something new to discover at each stop on what is such a fun musical odyssey. We’ve loved every minute of it.Thank you all so much.

Collective Behaviour

All Over The World
Nobody Told Me
What’s It Gonna Be
Walk a Mile
Fine Time
Fukushima Ferguson
Don’t Even Go There
Video Ranger
Chambers / Mosher
Stir The Pot (Live at the Foundry Arts Center, St. Charles, MO)
Produced by Serapis, Gene Carroll, and Tony Chambers
Recorded & Mixed at Digilab (Except “Fine Time” by Mark Moebeck)
Mastered by Billy Engel at EARStudios
Musicians: Gene Carroll, Tony Chambers, Bob Gleason, Mark Moebeck, Todd Luerding, Randy Desplinter, Brian Casserly, Ray Vollmar, Carolbeth True, Ric ViceAlumni and Influencers: Rick Clifford, Steve Snyder, Jim Gould, Gordon Bland, Larry Gipson, Dave Cheli, Mike Newmann, Frank Goessler, Charley Chambers.

Collective Behaviour

Upcoming Gigs

Private EngagementEmerald City, OZSaturday, December 9 
Stovall’s GroveWildwood, MOFriday, December 157:30 pm
Tuners on MainSt. Charles, MOSaturday, December 238:00 pm
Satchmo's Bar & GrillChesterfield, MOSaturday December 308:00 p.m.
Stovall’s GroveWildwood, MOFriday, January 197:30 pm
Tuners on MainSt. Charles, MOSaturday, January 278:00 pm
Stovall’s GroveWildwood, MOFriday, February 167:30 pm
Stovall’s GroveWildwood, MOFriday, March 157:30 pm
Tuners on MainSt. Charles, MOSaturday, March 238:00 pm
Private EngagementEmerald City, OZSaturday, April 6 
Stovall’s GroveWildwood, MOFriday, April 197:30 pm
Duchesne High School 100th AnniversarySt. Charles, MOMay 10 
Tuners on MainSt. Charles, MOSaturday, May 118:00 pm
Stovall’s GroveWildwood, MOFriday, May 177:30 pm
Sunset Friday 370 ParkSt. Peters, MOFriday, May 24 
Private EngagementEmerald City, OZSaturday, May 25 
Webster GardensWebster, MOFriday, May 317:00 pm
Private EngagementEmerald City, OZSaturday, June 8 
Grant’s FarmSt. Louis, MOSaturday, June 156:00 pm
Stovall’s GroveWildwood, MOFriday, June 217:30 pm
Stovall’s GroveWildwood, MOFriday, July 197:30 pm
Private EngagementEmerald City, OZSaturday, July 20 
Tuners on MainSt. Charles, MOSaturday, August 108:00 pm
Stovall’s GroveWildwood, MOFriday, August 167:30 pm
Webster GardensWebster, MOFriday, September 67:00 pm
Stovall’s GroveWildwood, MOFriday, September 207:30 pm
Stovall’s GroveWildwood, MOFriday, October 187:30 pm
Private EngagementEmerald City, OZSaturday, October 19 
Tuners on MainSt. Charles, MOSaturday, November 28:00 pm
Private EngagementEmerald City, OZSaturday, November 9 
Stovall’s GroveWildwood, MOFriday, November 157:30 pm
Stovall’s GroveWildwood, MOFriday, December 207:30 pm